Caroline de Maigret, French model, music producer, activist and mom, is our godmother of the first No More Plastic Kids awareness campaign. She is convinced, like us, that it is essential to educate, to guide these little human who will make the world of tomorrow. 


Our generation and the generation before us have made many mistakes for our planet and with plastic in particular.

We can’t just sit here and do nothing.

That is why I decided to accept to become the Godmother of No More Plastic Kids to educate the new generation to become the generation of change.


I’m a mother myself, and I cannot imagine facing my son in ten years from now and tell him that I knew all of this but I didn't do anything about it because I had other priorities in life. The future depends on us.


We must act now to restore what we have destroyed and explain to young generation why the planet is in trouble today and how we can change that.


There is a lot of hope for the future, there are so many solutions but we have to be conscious in order to act for the good."

Editorial Madame Figaro - March 29th, 2019