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There are about 50 main types of plastic.

To recognize them, humans created a seven standard classifications for plastics:  

7 numbers to identify the type of plastic used for every product of our current modern days.


Here are the 7 families of plastic little monsters to recognize each of them. 

They made us believe that they are our friends. But they are not! But for all the benefits plastic has given us, disposing of products — particularly those designed to be used only once, such as packaging — has become a major environmental issue for our planet. 

Their goals: conquer the world to create a plastic planet

Each little monster multiplies by thousands, by millions, by billions...every minute. 

We need to stop them because they are all eternal and they are killing us slowly.

Once thrown away and leave in our environment, many little monster gets broken down into minuscule bits called microplastics. They become the Microplastic Monsters. 



                 Click here to discover their real faces once they mutated. 


My name is PET 1.


I am one of the most commonly used plastics. You love to use me for single-use.

You can find me in the plastic water bottles, the carbonated drinks, the fruit juice and disposable plastic packaging.

When I am immersed in boiling water, I become very small.


My name is Miss PE-HD 2.


You think that I am one of the safest forms of plastic. I am very hard-wearing and do not break down under exposure to sunlight or extremes of heating or freezing.

You meet me every morning during your  breakfast in the milk bottle, and in all the bottles of opaque plastic juice. 


Then, you meet me again in your bathroom because I am in all the shower gels plastic bottles and in the cosmetics of your mum.

I am also in the detergents to clean your house and sometimes in some plastic bags. 


My name is PVC 3.

I am versatile, toughness and I resist to grease, oil and chemicals. 


You can find me every time you go to the supermarket! I am in all food packaging of cheese, meat, etc. cooking oil bottles, clear food packaging. 

I love to play so you can also find me in your room because I am in all your plastic toys, all your balloons and because I love water play, I am also in all your inflatable toys. 

My nickname is “Super toxic” because I am really toxic. 


My name is LDPE 4.

I am in freezer bags, zippered food pouches, stretch films and all plastic trays.


I am also in all your garbage plastic bags and all your famous shopping plastic bags!

You LOVE us, you can't imagine your life without us. Every year 5 trillion plastic bags will be consumed. Put one after another we would go around the world 7 times every hour.


My name is PP 5.

I am tough and lightweight, and has excellent heat-resistance qualities. I serve as a barrier against moisture, grease and chemicals. I keep your cereal dry and fresh.

I am in plastic cups for children, some gourds for sport, in yoghurt pots, in butter and margarine containers, disposable diapers, pails, plastic bottle tops, potato chip bags and straws.


I am nicknamed "Double Trouble" because when I get older I leave fragments in food.


My name is PS6.

I love picnics, birthdays and all celebration days!


I am in all plastic cutlery and cups, transparent plastic champagne flutes. 

I am also in your toothbrush! 

I am structurally weak and ultra-lightweight, I break up easily and I dispersed readily throughout the natural environment. I am on the beach all over the world. An untold number of marine species have ingested me with horrible consequences to their health.


My name is 7.

I'm in all other plastics, you'll find me in baby bottles, water bottles, microwave receivers, all appliances and your nylon or polyester clothes. 

I am super strong and resistant.



My name is Greenbio.

I am the alternative to plastic. Made from plants such as seaweed, straw, woodchips, food waste potatoes peel, etc..

I am biodegradable and compostable. I am not eternal. I take three to six months to decompose fully in compost and I do not create microplastics.

Once decomposed, I give back to the earth the elements that the plants need.


I am scary because plastic is everywhere. And this is dangerous for our planet, for animals and humans.


Today, my family can replace the 7 other families of little monsters, unfortunately many humans don't know it yet and continue to use plastic products.


I love our planet and I respect environment.

I need your help to encourage industries to use me more, to develop my abilities, to imagine how I could disintegrate everywhere, with sun, in sea, in land and not only in a compost at a certain degree of humidity.


With your help, we can change the future and we can win the war against plastic!

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