No More Plastic Kids is an initiative created in June 2018 by a 8-year-old child, Alexandre Mann.

This initiative is created to inspire the Z generation to take action for the future of the planet. 

Our goals are: 

  • To educate, to guide young people about the negative impact of single-use plastic on our environment, our healthy and our future; 

  • To inspire industries to take action and create alternatives products to the Z generation; 

  • To eliminate single-use plastic and packaging in the toys industry.

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How YOU Can


No More Plastic Kids created an educative workshop on plastic pollution developed for school entitled "Generation of Change".

The goal is to make the new generation aware that they can be the generation of change, to give them the taste of simple gestures that allow them to ban the plastic, gestures and practices that they will leave to their own children tomorrow. This workshop is also an opportunity to share, with the complicity of teachers throughout the world, about the impact of the plastic pollution on the environment, on our health and the future of life on the planet. 


At the end of each workshop, every child receives the No More Plastic Voice for Good diploma; to encourage them to become ambassadors of this world that they must protect from ourselves, and from our plastic pollution. 


It is also an opportunity to speak with them about the No More Plastic Turtle, which has an unusual shape. Our turtle has a wasp size because its shell was tightened by a ring from a plastic package of beer packs. 

If this didn’t prevent him from growing, its shell deformed to present a strange appearance. More than a deformed turtle, it is today the symbol against plastic pollution in the ocean.

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