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Carolyn Murphy, supermodel, mother, activist is our godmother of No More Plastic Kids program. As a keen surfer, she is convinced, like us, that we are all interconnected, a part of nature, a part of each other, not apart. 


My love for the ocean goes back to my early childhood and has remained a source of inspiration and meditation throughout my life. As you, everywhere I travel I unfortunately make the same observation: plastic bottles on our beaches... in our streets...

80 percent of the plastic water bottles we buy end up in landfills.

We can all contribute to protect and heal our planet. We can teach our children to embrace nature as their lifeline and to not take it for granted. It is the reason why; I am really happy to support the No More Plastic Kids Program. 

I am not holier than thou "do gooder", nor do I preach but please, do what you can. 

Make every step count and take the pledge today to keep our oceans clean."

Cover Story ELLE GREEN Issue - June 2019


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