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Amelia Windsor, model, British royal, eco-consicous activist is our godmother of No More Plastic Kids awareness campaign in England. 


It is easy to think that as an individual it is hard to make a difference when it comes to the connection between our lifestyles and the state of the planet. However, if we can all make small changes it would create a  big difference.

We must encourage and help one another and that is why being a Godmother for No More Plastic Kids is such an honour. We can all work together by sharing advice and know how for making our lives as eco friendly and sustainable as we can, of course we all have a long way to go but the sooner we start,  the closer we will come to seeing positive change to our beautiful planet.

This won’t only make the earth happy but will also make us and our children happy for generations to come.

We are all connected to the earth and to each other and without a happy planet there is nothing at all."


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